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Model MH & Model LM  NFPA Pneumatic Cylinders

"Cylinder End Cap - Proximity Switch Mounting Locations"

for both the "Head End" (Front End Cap) and the "Cap End" (Rear End Cap)

The purpose of this screen is to identify the end cap side locations (not encumbered by the cylinder mount, cushion screw or air supply port) for mounting the proximity switch to  either end or both ends of our model MH or LM pneumatic cylinder heads. Special, precision machining is required for the end cap side surface that, along with other internal precision machining, allows the proximity switch to function reliably and repeatably. This precision machining creates the critical air gap distance between the switch probe and our cushion hub that is required for this technology to work properly.

The chart below provides an explanation on how to view the cylinder for making Proximity Switch location decisions.


End Cap Side Locations Charts
End Cap Side Positions

View of a Side Foot Lug Mounting Style cylinder (MS2) showing Proximity Switch precision machining on both the Front & Rear End Caps at  Positions  #1.


Arrows are pointing to the End Cap Side Locations


For any cylinder mount, always view the Cylinder through the Front End Cap when determining the  Proximity Switch location for both the Front and Rear End Caps.


We recommend that you also reference our “Helpful Hint” regarding "Proximity Switches".


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