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"Extended Piston Rod:   /E"

The piston rod of a cylinder may be further extended beyond its normal distance of extension (frequently referred to as the “C” dimension) when the cylinder rod is completely retracted inside of the cylinder and the piston is bottomed out against the cap (rear) cylinder end cover. The drawing below illustrates the standard “C” dimension and normal extension of the piston rod beyond the rod cartridge. All “C” dimensions are specified by dimensional standards set forth by the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA).



Many engineers who design automated manufacturing systems frequently use the extended piston rod optional feature to assist them with the completion of their design criteria. This common modification or optional feature to a standard air cylinder is specified with a /E at the end of the Peninsular Cylinder part numbering system. Always specify the length of the piston rod extension, beyond the “C” dimension, when selecting this cylinder feature. Our configurator will ask you to enter the additional length beyond the “C” dimension in inches or fractions of inches. Once you click on the generate button to configure your cylinder you will see the extended piston rod in the solid model projection and the /E in the order number for that cylinder.

Note (1)
Long piston rod extensions and/or stroke lengths may require the use of a “stop tube” (another commonly used optional cylinder feature) or a Peninsular “stop spool” which is a Peninsular improved stop tube. See helpful hints comments for the Peninsular stop spool for additional information on this feature.

Note (2)
There are reference cylinder mounting dimensions and other important reference dimensions stated in the NFPA cylinder standards that become changed when the extended piston rod feature is ordered. This may become confusing to anyone designing a cylinder into a manufacturing system so please feel free to contact us for consultation and assistance if you do not thoroughly understand this most important issue. Example: The XI dimension on the intermediate trunnion mount will change when the extended piston rod feature is selected.

When the Extended Piston Rod feature is selected a  / E will appear near the end of the cylinder ordering number after the cylinder is generated for configuration.

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